Sunday, May 11, 2003

them spiders, they gone

I went to my field site in the Arava again after a month or so. They were there then, these spiders that I depend on for my livelihood. They were fine. The colonies were blooming. Spring was in the air. Everything was just ..peachy. This time: disaster. All the colonies had suffered a drastic reduction in number. I should mention here that I have two sites- one where I just observe and another where I collect spiders for experiments in Sede Boqer. The collection site is also known as the garbage site, because its right next to a massive garbage dump. Such is my work environment. Such is life. The garbage site had one of the largest colonies in the whole area. And now. Nothing. Nothing. A few stragglers here and there. All that could leave, leave. Ones who stay no build webs. Maybe. No webs. Forgive me, it’s a pain I no longer can bear. Where have they gone? Why did they leave me? After I was so good to them. I used to talk to them. I was their shepherd. I always used to defend them when people cursed them. Now it’s all over. My boss say they will come back- there must be heat wave, a khamseen or something. Maybe they’re even hiding somewhere where I can’t see them. Let it be true. As of now, all ruined, experiments all ruined. I go home without completing experiment. No use. The trees- silent. No know to do what. But wait, wait wait. Always wait. En una copa de vino qusiera tomar veneno.

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