Friday, April 11, 2003

taming of the shrew

I went to my first shakespearean play. The Taming of the Shrew. Only, it was in Hebrew. No seriously. Efrat (in my lab) and Yael Lubin (my supervisor) were going to this play, whch was held at kibbutz Revivim. Efrat persuaded me to attend though i protested that i probably wouldnt understand anything. But i had read the play long back and i knew that it couldnt be so bad so i went along anyway. So I sat next to Efrat (around 8 of us from Sede Boqer) and prepared for the worst. Surprisingly it wasn't bad at all. Efrat translated the idea of the dialogue everytime I had serious problems following the action, but for the most part it was quite obvious what was happening. It was pretty funny and quite frankly, culturally chaotic The play was in hebrew, set in Italy, with the lead character occasionally speaking Italian (Grazie etc) and even english once in a while. The strangest, most surreal moment was when one character quoted another play of Shakespeare's (Hamlet) in English. But good fun overall. The actors were quite responsive of the audience even going to the extent of improvising when things like cellphones beeping or people sneezing interrupted the dialogue. But I'm sure this will not be an experiance to repeat unless I already know the play and its a comedy.