Tuesday, February 25, 2003


For the first time since i came here, there was a concert here in Sede Boqer. It was a duo comprising of an Irish singer (Collum Sands) and an Israeli story teller (Sharon Aviv) who performed a series of pieces loosely titled "talking to the wall". It was mostly folk songs and folk tales from Ireland, Israel and even one from India! Sands was great, and Sharon had a lovely voice -and she had one of the most fluid faces ive ever seen. Though i have to admit it was quite distracting to watch her but once i closed my eyes it was perfect.
But the effect was excellent- just the guy and his guitar and soft voices, though more suited to a campfire under moonlight than under flourescent lights in an auditorium that i didnt even know existed till today. In between the pieces, they related several anecdotes that had the audience laughing, but the irony was quite heavy as they kept alluding to the troubles both in Belfast and Tel Aviv. It was an unexpected reward for venturing out into the night, because there's a cold spell on- enough to freeze the blood in my veins.