Wednesday, February 19, 2003


I got a response from this poetry website for an entry i made a month or so ago. They say that i have been entered into the finals for the competition but it smelled too much like the deal they tried to offer me for the previous poem i'd submitted. I didnt think the poem was that good anyway, ie enough to shell out 60$ for, though they claim that the 'artist' is under no obligation to buy the anthology of selected poems, and so i decided not to pursue the process. But there is something to be said about the pleasure of seeing your work in print, and i can't deny that the letter was good for my ego. Anyway the poem can be read below or if you prefer a nice and fancy format you can go here and do a search for my name.

Discovering a skull
Under a pale sky-blue sky
flecked with cirrus clouds
I stride upon my field
Yet another dawn to fill the void
by scraping fragments of the shifting earth
(fingers bathed in gentle dust)
I seek but a hint
if only a secret mirror-twisted clue...

My scalpel brushes away the surface
to reveal a skull. A feline skull.
Eyeless, it gapes at me- eternal and mocking
my meagre efforts to seek its identity;
its place in my time.