Monday, March 10, 2003

the african dinner

two days back the african community in sede boqer suddenly decided to organize an african dinner; ie a dinner party made up entirely of african foods and music from the various countries to which they belonged. In the beginning, one of the guys- keva, gave a speech on each food and what it was made up of, and after that we all ate. Of course the food was severely restricted to me because of my vegetarian food habits, but there was enough rice to keep me happy. It was fun, lots of people turned up and after the dinner, there was a demonstration of african dancing, but all the music sounded like reggae to me. the party ended too soon, though, so we continued it in one of the caravans, where it somehow morphed into a latin american music session (like it always tends to do around here)

right to left: francis, allagie, nchimunya, francis's wife, catherine

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