Thursday, April 10, 2003

the sedeboqerian games

the sedeboqerian games finally came to an end last week. in order to beat the boredom, Francisco with the help of a few others and the blessing of the student council decided to conduct a series of games. the idea was to have teams and each team took part in all the games. the only rule was that each team must have atleast one woman in it. Anyway we played football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball, chess, darts and bowling. The bowling happened in Be'er sheva, but all the others took place in the campus itself. The best part of the games was the propoganda battle that took place over the email network by the teams, which by the way were: Probablilty Egg (Jaime, Adriana, Francisco, Shomen, Indra, Me, Felix), The Axis of Evil (mainly the Anglo community), Tall But Also Short (dont even ask), Smashing Bananas (mostly Israelis who live in the 'banana' neighbouhood) and finally Weapons of Mass Destruction (another assorted group but with some africans). The games took place on weekends, and it was so tiring, to play continuously like that. Basketball especially was murderous (and my first game ever!). I am not modest enough to not say that i distinguished myself in football, and heres the proof:

The rest of the photographs are here.

Since Probability Egg were the overall winners (hah!) we all recieived CD vouchers as a prize.