Wednesday, April 30, 2003

seminar day

I presented my seminar yesterday. Students from the ecology programme have to present two seminars- once per year. The first seminar is before you start you work and the second one is after you get some results. The purpose of these seminars is to let everybody in the ecology department know what everyone else is doing and to offer constructive criticism etc. Naturally, a seminar ends up being probably the most stressful thing for anybody. No less for me. I had a whole series of presentations last month: once to my committee, once to my lab and finally to the department. Attendance was thin because it happened to be on Holocaust day and also it was in Sede Boqer instead of in Beer Sheva and so I escaped lightly. I was pretty nervous in the beginning but people tell me they couldn’t make out and so I guess it was okay. I have some results but the study is not complete-there's still something missing. Hopefully I will get cool results at the end of the summer. Ah yes, to celebrate the end of the seminar, I hosted a beer session in my caravan for a few friends. As they say, fun was had by one and all.