Friday, November 28, 2003

a hidden dinner:

The cars turn off the road just somewhere near telalim, and the only thing we see are the pools of light cast by the headlights into the desert. There is a light in the distance, and we head for that. Stars flare in the sky above, stars that would normally get drowned amidst the yellow lamps of sede boqer. We get out of the car and make our way to the light. It's coming from a tent set up in the middle of nowhere, and it is a bedouin style restaurant. We are the only customers and the owner welcomes us warmly, and we settle among the cushions arranged next to a low table. It's winter, I should be feeling cold sitting with only canvas setarating me from the elements, but somehow I don't. We sit and as the rest arrive we start odering. It's a vegetarian restaurant, so for once i don't have to specify anything. The food is good, but I like the atmosphere even more: a scene straight out of twilight zone.

update : now why do i get the feeling that imshin's been to this restaurant recently...