Wednesday, November 12, 2003


again. First off, though it seems a bit trite, I must say it: people who didn't like the movie, don't get it. Reading the reviews, I get the feeling that people went to the movie either with bizarre expectations or were prepared to dis it even before they saw it. (dis- what a wonderful word). Sure the movie didn't confirm any of the million theories floating around, but it took off in a totally unexpected way. and for me that's the essence of a story, being unable to predict the story line. There are scenes that are so captivating, it's hard for the eyes to let go: just like in reloaded you had to see it twice to get the theory, you need to see revolutions twice just to take in the environment. From what I gather, people were mostly upset that there were no conclusive answers, but hey, thats been there all along-there are no conclusive answers, only suggestions and symbols. The more effort as you put in engaging the movie, the more you get out of it. Like any good book. Like any good piece of work.
This guy says it better than me.

(warning: clicking the links will lead to spoilers)