Friday, November 07, 2003

Last Leopard of Judea

A film: "In April of 2000, zoologist Haim Berger saw a leopard in the Judean desert south of Jerusalem. This was the first leopard sighting in five years - many in Isreal assumed that the last of them had died, that the Judean leopard was no more. Starting in October of that year, Berger and filmmaker Isri Halpern set out to get footage of the elusive cat. Armed with a MiniDV camera, they track the leopard, following footprints and rumors, for eighteen months. 'Last Leopard of Judea' is the trophy they bring back, an image of Israel much different from what we see on the evening news."

anyone reading this from Edmonton, Canada- go see this film; it's being shown this saturday! Haim Berger sits in my office and he recommended it so it must be good.

For those closer, the film is being shown in the TelAviv Cinematheque every saturday night at 6:45 pm.