Friday, November 25, 2005

La Virgen De Los Sicarios

A movie where death is arbitrary but has a definite pattern at the same time, where you can predict a death coming by the sheer number of them. There were a few intriguing scenes in the movie which struck me, but for the most part it's a depressingly cynical look at violence in Colombia. I'll let an academic type explain all this while I just point out the scenes that I liked:

1. The protagonist visits a church he was always afraid to go to before, because he believed that if he entered the church he would die. Inside the church he experiences a strong deja vu feeling, that he had known how the church would be, and we also know this, because the film shows snippets of a dream of his where he sees the interior of this church.

2. There is a church where the assassins go to, in order to get their bullets 'blessed', by heating the bullets till they are red-hot, and then cooling them with holy water. The local killers believe that 'blessed' bullets do not miss.

3. Every time there's a new set of assassins out to kill the protagonist's companion (Alexis- who's also an assassin), there's a warning given to Alexis by a punk.