Saturday, February 19, 2005

a memory

I was trying to think back to my earliest memory, a memory that I could definitely place both in time and in reality and hope that It really happened and was not a figment of my admittedly wonky imagination and I believe that I have managed to nail it to a moment when I was three years old. The image that I have in my head is of along, and wide room, with blue walls and white mosaic tiles. The room is in Chennai, and the moment is just after the birth of my twin siblings. I remember peeking over the top of the cradle to see the new arrivals, who looked all the world like little humanoid larvae, and I remember the wooden cradle creaking a bit and swaying gently. Both my brother and sister were sleeping, I think, though I also have an secondary impression of one of them looking at me through semi closed eyelids.

This memory brought to you today in honour of their birthday. Happy birthday, you two.