Wednesday, January 26, 2005


You start getting used to living in a foreign country, and suddenly you see something that snaps you back, and reminds you just how far from 'normality' you really are...and you start making a list:
1. The Wood Chipping Machine: a cuboid monster on wheels that people feed dead and unwanted tree branches into. It eats ravenously and excretes wood chips that are then used for mulching in well tended gardens. You can see these things especially after a thunderstorm that has knocked branches onto cars, driveways, anything...
2. The Garbage Truck with its two pronged tentacle that makes it's ponderous way through the neighborhood, pausing at every house. It reaches out grabs the garbage bin, lifts it into the air and empties the bin into its maw. I can't get used to this, ever.
3. The Cars that, miraculously, seemingly uncomplainingly, stop, just so you can cross the road. No tricks. They're really waiting for you to cross the road. No, they won't come ram you while you're in the middle, no, really. Maybe they're just softening me up.
4. The Grass. oh mi god. The Grass is everywhere. The city is one lawn infested place, with their own attendant throbbing mechanical servants.
5. The Bus Driver, stopping at a stop in the suburbs even though nobody's getting on or off, just because the traffic was a little light today and he got to that stop a minute early.