Tuesday, January 11, 2005

two vampires

Or rather two kinds of vampires.
Saw Blade: Trinity. Waste of cash. Even with student discount. First three minutes: vampires dig out Uber-vampire, which attacks them. Vampires seem really stupid. Bad jokes even. Blade so solidly boring. The other two start interesting but fizzle out. The girl vampire killer cool, the guy just a smartass for comic relief. Uber-vampire has weird predator-like mouth. Some cool vampire killing gadgets, but overall, um...tiring. The plot-transparent, the sword fight climax, well, Blade wields the blade like an umbrella. The vampire dog a waste of CGI. The science...let's not even go there.

Read The Vampire Tapestry. Suzy Charnas. Brilliant. Unlike any vampire you've ever come across. The Vampire is a Prof of anthropology, studying comparative cultures no less. Cool sophisticated, and clever. No rushing about in feeding frenzies, just a pinprick of evidence. Book a "story suite", a collection of five episodic stories. Very cool. If you read only one vampire book ever, read this.