Saturday, June 14, 2003

the matrix: reloaded

I finally saw the Matrix : Reloaded and loved it. Of course i'm biased because i've been waiting for this movie for 4 years and had seen all the trailers and the Animatrix series. I won't give a detailed review here, in case people haven't seen it yet, and i will restrain myself to some vague impressions. The fight scenes are a bit overdone, but excellently choreographed nevertheless, and the heavy duty special effect scenes turned out to be just that-heavy duty. However, the difference between the two movies is very striking. In the first movie you went in cold, having no idea what might happen, and here, you've seen the special effects (some) copied in so many films that it takes the edge off. And also the introduction of half a dozen major characters made me wonder what their role was and who they really were, and considering that the movie moves so fast, this is not a trivial problem. The main explanatory speech was also almost too fast and it was only because of my long years of training (by watching MTV) i could follow the argument.
(following the links below can lead you to spoiler zone, careful)
I was waiting for the famous hacking scene, apparently the only such scene in modern SF that doesn't use stupid 3D GUI. And it was all of 15 seconds or less. Even though I had seen screenshots before, it was too fast to follow. Well. Guess i will have to see it again. But the real fun was when i got back and started reading all those reviews that i had been avoiding, in order to be spoiler free. There were so many takes on the movie that it was amazing. Anybody who thinks that its just a movie with guns, kung-fu and computers should take a look at all the discussion the movie has generated. One of the strangest interpretations was the Jewish one. This guy tried to identify Jewish elements in the Matrix, and come to think of it, in the theater, when i was watching the Major speech by Morpheus in Zion, i found the words singularly akin to the Israeli viewpoint. No wonder then that the egyptians have banned the movie for "promoting zionism". I don't think i should say anymore, except that there's an ultra cool twist in the end.