Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Bombay floods, and the aftermath

"Almost a thousand people dead in Maharashtra, about half of them from Bombay.

Transport screwed, no electricity, no running water, some areas STILL under water a week later.
They haven't even begun figuring out how many people were injured. Or
what the tolls might increase to if the epidemics we all fear do
happen. (And that's likely, if you have sewage mixed with rain water
standing thirteen feet deep in some places)
They have't even begun estimating what the losses of property are
going to be like. So many have lost everything.
Bombay needs help folks. We can analyse what wrong later. We can
figure out what to do about it later. Right now, Bombay needs help.
Bombay's bloggers (and some friends - the net doesn't worry about
borders) are trying to do their bit, by making sure information is
easy to find. Information was one more thing we all didn't have enough
of last week. Not that it's much better now.
Mumbai Help is an effort to put online such critical "for emergencies" information as we can find. We hope to turn
this into a permanent site that will act as a Bombay disaster portal.

Cloud Burst Mumbai is a collection of news, both from the media as well as stories sent in via email and blog links."