Friday, May 20, 2005

vampire bees

It seemed like a typical mad scientist experiment. Doing things just to see if could be done. A large amount of science works like this, all it needs is some demented mind saying, -wonder what happens if I mix this with this, -and voila, boom. This guy was training bees for some typical psychology experiment, you know, see how far they'll go, what they remember and stuff. Normally one would have to train bees with a small bottle-cap filled with sugar water, but he was lazy and the cap wasn't working, so he started dipping his finger in the sugar water and getting the bees to lick at it with their weird tongues. The bees used to hang on to his finger so it was easy to carry them over to wherever he wanted to . But on that fateful day, our mad scientist had a cut on his finger.To his surprise, the mixture of blood and sugar water was greatly liked by the bees. So he thought, what the hell maybe they really prefer blood. He started training them with blood acquired from the medical centre where he bribed some junior researchers. Soon the bees grew fat and fertile on this diet of blood. They wouldn't like sugar water anymore. He tried to get them to switch back, but it failed, they converged on the exposed parts of his skin and tried to penetrate the surface. But their tongues were not up to the task. He thought that would be the end of it, but he didn't know about the mutation.
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