Thursday, March 03, 2005

the spider web hack

With all the hacking talk going on these days, I thought I'd share with you all a favorite Hack of mine. The Spider Web Hack. Now, it's a common experience for all of us to go around in densely wooded foresty areas and get whacked on the face with a hitherto invisible spider web. There is real danger in getting your face swamped by a spider web: because you immediately try frantically to get it away and in the process look like a bloody crazy fool to anyone who might be watching. So, dear reader, for your edification, I present you my admirable Spider Web Hack.

First, some credit. The idea for this hack comes from the famous scene in the Phantom of the Opera when the good denizens of the Opera are trying to track down the Phantom. The Phantom is known to be a master lasso thrower, and he specializes in twisting a loop of rope around the unsuspecting person's neck as a noose, and then yanking it tight. So one of the characters warns Raoul that he must proceed with his hand at the level of his eyes. So when a lasso does slip over his head, it's easy to slip it off, because the hand is inside the loop.

So back to our Hack: when you're walking in such spidery web abounding areas, hold up your hand to the level of your eyes. You might like to carry a twig or a pen. You will never stumble upon a web, instead your hand will detect the web long before your eyes see them and then you'll be spared the frantic clownish movements that so undermine your dignity.

Was this hack useful to you? Did it save your life? Please put your valuable feedback in the comments section.