Friday, March 18, 2005


In the past, whenever I had occasion to leave the city and head out either to the forest or just on a random journey, I could always feel a particular pleasant anticipation of seeing the horizon. We city dwellers are accustomed to seeing the world close up and this enlargement of the field of view that one gets from leaving the city is nothing but heart lifting. I had a theory that humans need to see the vast horizon from time to time, in order to feel better and to cope better with the effects of the city. I'd guess that it's a remnant of our ancestors who grew and foraged in the vast plains of africa, and where a horizon is always there, and it's a comfort. This is the reason why standing up on a mountain and peering away into the distance is so peace inducing. Of course there are people who never leave the city and are perfectly happy in watching the world at close range, but surely they must be descended from the ones who lived in caves. In the two years I spent in the desert, the horizon was always there. I lived on a slightly elevated plateau, and you could see the horizon from most any window. One gets used to it. One gets used to anything. But since that time, I have been mostly in cities, and that's why the thought of going on a road-trip fills me with eager anticipation. I'm leaving for Alice Springs tomorrow, to continue my road-trip. We will be traveling by car from Alice Springs to Darwin, through the Kakadu National Park. I shall be gone for ten days or so, i.e. no blogging till I get back.