Monday, February 07, 2005

Light of other days

[Link]""Some of the glass farmers around here," Hagan began, "give strangers, such as yourselves, a sales talk about how beautiful the autumn is in this part of Argyll. Or it might be the spring or the winter. I don't do that—any fool knows that a place which doesn't look right in the summer never looks right. What do you say?"

I nodded compliantly.

"I want you just to take a good look out towards Mull, Mr…."


"… Garland. That's what you're buying if you buy my glass, and it never looks better than it does at this minute. The glass is in perfect phase, none of it is less than ten years thick—and a four-foot window will cost you two hundred pounds."

Science fiction short story for those who don't like science fiction :)