Monday, August 16, 2004


So R tells me that I should meet this guy who just walked in, but I’m not too interested, but R then piques my curiosity by telling me that this guy was totally into the occult and such like psychic phenomena. I remember the occult phase I went through many millions of years ago, and I duly ask, what aspect of the occult. R says that he talks to spirits and also is the follower of some woman who also talked to spirits etc. I ask which woman, and he says "sepf or zef or something"
so we walk over to where he's sitting and R duly introduces a scientist, who incidentally is interested in this stuff. I just nod, watching him. So this Guy turns his full attention on to me, and asks me if I’ve heard of Seth
I say no
or Lazarus
The Christian Lazarus?
No, this was another channeled entity...
It seemed to have missed me...
Seth was a channeled entity, he says, (while I mentally translate that as spirit.) Seth spoke thru a woman called Jane Roberts, who apparently was the most unspiritual person ever, she being known for her beer swigging, cigarette smoking ways.
I say ok.
he says, Seth gave a series of "interviews" and developed an entirely new approach to life
uh uh
He suddenly puts on a weird childish voice and says,quoting Seth apparently, "we create our own reality"
I think, ok, that’s all I need to hear
Here, write it down.
I just say, no I’ll remember, don't worry

Later on I stumbled upon two Seth books in the nearest used book store. Synchronicty? Could be.