Tuesday, July 22, 2003

new cafe

Finally a respite from the so-called sabbath trap (a situation wherein an individual living or staying in a remote desert area, for example, is forced to rely on his/her own resources for entertainment/shopping/travelling/whatever during the weekend because of lack of access to say, for example, Tel Aviv, especially if the aforementioned individual doesn't own an alternative mode of transportation, not even a bike, and even if he/she did have a bike, where would he/she go?)!A new cafe has opened in Sde Boqer, just to fill this niche. It is called 'R cafe' but I'm suspicious - its Hebrew name must be different. Anyway, it's run by one of the people staying here in the campus, and it's located at The Ben Gurion Research Center, which exists just to pay homage to the first prime minister of Israel-David Ben Gurion. The Cafe, well, the room, is located in a basement like area of the center, but it leads off into a shaded walkway overlooking some lawns so somehow the outside is better than the inside. The cafe works only on weekends, and it feels like it's still experimental. Last weekend, they organised a Jazz concert in a building next to the grave of Ben Gurion, and though the music didn't appeal to me personally, it felt nice to sit under the stars and hear soft music being carried by the breeze, bouncing off distant buildings in strange ways. As I walked back, I could still hear snatches of song suddenly creeping up on me.

In other music news, Daniela Mercury is coming to Israel!!